See behind closed doors with the worlds first synchronised dual screen film. To get the full experience download the Durex Explore app first!

How it works

When the commercial starts, activate the Durex explore app and hold it up to the TV. Within seconds the second film will start, perfectly synced.

The first radio ads you can see

We took over Kerrang radio to show the worlds first radio adverts that you can see. The radio ads trigger the Durex Explore app, to give people a sexy glimpse behind closed doors.

Maggies are holding a carol concert in St Paul's Cathedral to raise money to build a new unit in St Bart's.

A TV campaign for Lemsip cough syrup.

A short film about why cats shouldn't be trusted.
Screened on Channel 4 and at Bafta. Tibs has also had over 148,000 hits on Vimeo and was featured in both Wired and shots.